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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blueberry Festival

Greetings. I just wanted to post about the Wilton Blueberry Festival and say what an amazing fireworks show they put on Saturday night. I had never attended the Blueberry Festival, mainly because the Farmington Strawberry Festival is so lame, I didn't see the point in driving down to Wilton for much of the same. Boy was I wrong. What I find so amazing is that Farmington, as a bigger town, and presumably a bigger fundraising source, is unable to do anything even close to Wilton, even with its limited downtown resources. Farmington needs to take a good long look at what they have accomplished in Wilton and think about overhauling their festival next year. I can only assume that Farmington's recent renaming to the Strawberry Festival is to capitalize on the popularity of Wilton's Blueberry Festival, but mainly it just comes across as lame. Everyone knows that strawberry's peak season is over by the end of July and by trying to mislead people into associating the two berry festivals, people, like myself, have stayed away from a nice family event in Wilton, due to the lack of festivities during Farmington's weekend event. Afterall, Farmington does celebrate their festival first. Based upon my limited exposure to Farmington's festival weekend, the Art in the Park seems to be the highlight and maybe they should think about focusing their celebration around art and leave the berries to Wilton. Hat's off to you Wilton, the Blueberry Festival will now be an annual family outing for me and mine.


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